Seiton is technology focused engineering solutions provider established in 2015. We are a balanced team of experienced, young and dynamic industry professionals who dare to dream big and often think out of the box. Our team consists of over 30 plus technocrats with diverse industry experience in process control and automation. We have established credentials in industrial automation world with our skills and contributions.

Our ease of doing business and maintaining friendly interactions with customers can ensure our customers to reduce the work challenges and bring smile on their face.

We nurture diverse and inclusive culture in our organization encouraging innovation in an open and collaborative work environment.

We serve our valued customers with state of art technology solutions in process and plant automation domains across multiple industries.

We offer a wide range of services which include Engineering, Consultancy, Process Automation, Sourcing Solutions, Business analytics and System integration. Our product offerings include unique products that help customers to address their process challenges.

We are recognized as a trusted automation partner amongst our customers. Our offered services and solutions help our customers to enhance their business operations, by reducing their CAPEX/OPEX with improved productivity and thus gaining agility to respond to their dynamic business needs.

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide industry compliant, secure, future-ready, advanced technology solutions which help our customers to meet their sustainable business goals.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide one stop solution to our customers, while creating better work experience and collaborative partnership.



Our ambitious and forward-looking leadership comprises dedicated, focused and experienced executives, who have ability and courage to transform the company.

Meet our board:

Why our customers choose us:

  • High level of quality
  • Multi-disciplinary experts
  • Global database of satisfied customers
  • High customer retention
  • Optimized solutions to reduce CAPEX/OPEX
  • Seamless integration of 3rd party devices
  • Disciplined execution
  • Experienced team
  • Proven track record with profound project experience
  • Dedicated support from concept to realization
  • Customized to your needs
  • Flexible support structure

About Seiton Logo

The word “Seiton” comes from Japanese 5S methodology, which defines how organizational processes and assets are maintained. Seiton means to simplify, or to set things in order. The ultimate purpose of Seiton is preparedness for things to be ready when needed.

Our logo design was inspired from the elements of this methodology. The arrow in our logo symbolizes our drive towards continuous improvement. Our tag line “Enhancing Performance” complements our drive which is to keep improving, and set new benchmarks of quality standards.