Welcome to Seiton Technologies

Seiton is technology focused engineering solutions provider established in 2015. We are a balanced team of experienced, young and dynamic industry professionals who dare to dream big and often think out of the box. Our team consists of over 30 plus technocrats with diverse industry experience in process control and automation, who have established credentials in industrial automation world with their skills and contributions.

Our ease of doing business and friendly interactions with customers can help our customers to reduce the work challenges and bring smile on their face.

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Your extended team

Peace of mind with assured work quality via streamlined workflows.

Freedom of choice

Seamless integration with various control systems.

Stand-out in industry

Increased efficiency with demonstrated improvement in productivity by implementing best industry practices

Journey towards certainty

Use of historical data of your processes to help you making strategic business decisions.


Adapton of latest industry standards and keepping up to date

Increased customer satisfaction

Ontime quality deliveries within your project budgets

Out of the box

Simplified solutions for complex applications

Our Services

Our comprehensive portfolio of services offers cost effective, industry specific technology solutions to help our customers increase their industrial productivity, efficiency and overall system performance. Our engagement with customer starts right at the concept stage where we understand their unique needs, and work closely to develop & deliver the best electrical and control solutions.  

Engineering Services

In today’s demanding business world, it’s imperative to be cost competitive. Many a times, in order to be in the contention for a bid, contractors need to bundle their core offering with packages/services/products from 3rd party. These requirements may not be recurring

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System Integration

A complex project often involves multiple facets of system integration. Of the many challenges, integration with 3rd party components, customization in SCADA development, programming of various PLC platforms and panel design compliant with global industry

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Industrial Automation

Be it process or plant, it is always desired to have a faster production. In an environment of longer supply/production chain, traceability of finished goods plays an important part in tracing the manufacturing defects and performing the root cause analysis.

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BI & Software Solutions

Data is essential resource for business. Too much of data could result in noise and may compromise the performance, profitability and eventually decisions. Similarly, it is always challenging to update and upgrade your systems in an ever-changing IT environment.

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Consultancy Services

Some applications/concerns can only be addressed by people having extensive knowledge in the specific application domain. A few of these applications/concers are

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Sourcing Solutions

In a big project environment sourcing of materials during the bidding as well as execution stage is one of the critical success factors.

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